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Learn technical analysis of Forex trading, it is known that the success of investing in financial markets depends mainly on the trader's ability to anticipate current and future price trends and movements of financial assets that are traded, and to enter into deals accordingly to achieve profits from Forex trading.

But it is also known that price movements of different financial assets, whether they are currency pairs, stocks, bonds, or indices that are not subject to mathematical equations, a solution is found, and then price movements are expected accordingly to achieve profits in Forex trading, such as achieving profits from gold trading, metals trading, oil trading documents. life insurance.

In fact, the method of analyzing financial markets and forecasting the direction is completely different. Since the beginning of financial investment and trading in the Forex market, and until the present time, various financial assets are analyzed depending on two methods, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. We'll devote this article to technical technical analysis.

What is technical analysis of Forex trading?

Technical analysis of financial markets is the expectation regarding current and future price movements based on historical data. This mainly depends on the rule that says that history repeats itself according to the logic of the economic cycle. Every recession and recession is followed by prosperity, and every prosperity and progress must be followed by a kind of stagnation and recession.

Based on the previous logic, dozens of technical analysis methods appeared and dozens of tools, indicators and software were used for the same purpose. Not only that, as we have heard about technical analysis schools, each of these schools also has its own methods and tools.

One of the most famous technical analysis methods that are currently used is "support, resistances, and analysis using the dimark strands".

And among the methods of technical analysis prevalent in the Forex market also "analysis using price behavior models and analysis using Fibonacci", and many other methods. We will discuss these methods in some detail in special sections and in a university library specializing in teaching technical analysis for beginners and professionals alike.

Is the science of technical analysis the same for all financial assets?

In fact, it can be said that the methods and tools of technical analysis that are used to analyze stocks, currencies, currencies, oil, gold and other financial assets are almost the same tools. However, there are some very minor differences related to the nature of the financial asset itself.

What is the best Forex trading analysis site?

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of methods and tools of technical analysis. He even had private schools, and nowadays we hear what is known as "modern technical analysis". Each of these schools has supporters and followers who defend it and talk about its strengths.

For this reason it cannot be said at all that there is a site or program that could be the best in analyzing currencies and other financial pairs. This is because each site or program adopts a method that differs from the others, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

What is the best technical analysis method?

We cannot say for sure that there is one method that is the best at all. Each of the methods of analysis, as mentioned, has strengths and weaknesses. Even you find that the weaknesses in one method and methods of analysis have been overcome in other methods and programs.

Therefore, the most aware trader is one who studies well in detail with different methods of analysis, then creates his own trading strategy based on the strengths of each one. In this way, it can get stronger and more conformable trading signals for the trend, which will definitely lead to a successful currency trading project.

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